Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lisa Macuja sa BATIBOT!

Internationally-renowned Filipina prima ballerina and the first non-Soviet soloist to dance with the historic Kirov Ballet, Lisa Macuja, is featured as the guest story teller in TV5’s most-favorite kids’ show Batibot at 8:30 a.m. this Saturday, January 23. The prima ballerina also reminisced with the Batibot team about that first time 20 years ago, shortly after her homecoming from Russia, when she was featured in Batibot dancing to an original Batibot song “Umihip Tulad ng Hangin.”

This time, Lisa will narrate an original Batibot story about “Hannah Hippo” an eager ballet student and also tells her own story about growing up and learning to be a professional ballet dancer. The Batibot team is confident Lisa Macuja’s story will be an inspiration to children especially those interested in dance.

Watch out for Batibot’s “Matuto tayo Sumayaw!” episode this Saturday which is about learning to dance and working hard to achieve one’s fullest potentials – in dance and in life! This Saturday’s Batibot dance-themed episode will also feature young kids from Pasay City who are learning ballroom dancing after school and hope to achieve competitive levels.

Join Lisa Macuja and the rest of Batibot cast and characters this Saturday for another exciting episode of Batibot. The show airs weekdays at 9:30am and every Saturday at 8:30am.

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