Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Na-flush na Pitutoy

A man has cut off his gay lover’s penis in a jealous rage in a hotel room in Manila this week.
The man holding the knife was 35 year old Jose Feliciano Valderama, the man holding his bleeding crotch was 21 year old Marvic Manquera.

The couple arrived at the Sogo Hotel in Novaliches, Quezon City just after midnight and booked a room. Once upstairs they hit the booze, before heading to bed. At 3.30am hotel staff heard a man screaming for help and when they opened the door they found Manquera bleeding profusely, clutching his crotch.
There’s no hope of recovering the severed appendage either. Police said that Valderama not only chopped the penis into pieces, he also flushed the pieces down the toilet. He then tried to kill himself with the blade but Manquera stopped him.
Apparently the motive comes down to jealousy. Valderama got sick of hearing rumours that his lover was cheating on him with women.


@chellie@ said...

napanood ko nga yun sa news kagabi...grabe no pano na kaya yun heheheh

Myk said...

Yun din ang iniisip ko. haha!

Jhamy whoops! said...

OMG!!! that f**k*** hurts siguro..


padaan lang po sa blog nyu!!

*silip silip lang*