Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eula Valdez topbills Untold Stories on TV5

Following her performance as Doña Adela in the critically-acclaimed movie Rosario, Eula Valdez delivers another compelling performance, this time on TV5, in Untold Stories Mula sa Face to Face’s “Sa Dulo ng Kahapon” episode this Thursday, January 13.

Featuring a controversial Face to Face episode about a troubled woman whose
bitter past still haunts her quest for love and respect, this Thursday’s Untold Stories dramatization presents Eula in her impressive portrayal of Betbet, who found herself caught in a complicated love triangle when the man she loves got involved with her gay bestfriend.

After becoming a sex worker in Cyprus at an early age, Betbet returned to the country to start a new life. After three failed relationships, she wallowed in depression and gave away her own child one time she got too drunk. Just when she thought she had no hope of surviving her misery, she met 20-year old Darius (played by Neil Coleta a.k.a. “Nicos” from the hit iced tea TV commercial). Will their May-December romance finally put an end to her despair?

Also in the cast are Carlo Cannu, Allan Paule, Carlos Morales and Bella Flores. Catch this must-see Untold Stories episode helmed by Argel Joseph and written by Abet Raz this Thursday, January 13, after Willing Willie on TV5 ‘s Primetime Panalo.

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