Thursday, January 20, 2011

Suwerte-Suwerte Lang!

Almost got run over? Escaped an amok? Survived a deadly accident?

Some people are just plain lucky! And they will be in the spotlight on

TV5's newest infotainment half-hour primetime program, “Suwerte-Suwerte Lang!”

Hosted by the fresh and funny trio of Anjo Yllana, Tuesday Vargas and Shalala,

“Suwerte-Suwerte Lang!” is the luckiest and wackiest show on air.

The three comedians will act out happy skits and introduce videos of the

luckiest survivors of blunders, mishaps and accidents from all over the world.

Good luck is in store for all who watch “Suwerte-Suwerte Lang!”

every Monday primetime (after “Willing Willie?”) on TV5.

(9:00- 9:45 pm replacing Inday Wanda)

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