Friday, April 18, 2008

Rosary sa Ipod

Everyday, I spend more than an hour para lang makabyahe from CAMANAVA area to MAKATI.

During that time it's either tulog ako or I listen to my Ipod.
And then I realize why not make that idle time worthwile...

So I decided to upload a ROSARY Mp3 sa aking player.
Naglalaman ito ng different mysteries that I can use everyday.

Try nyo din :)


tinpineda14 said...

saan po makakadownload niang rosary? :D

Myk said...


You can download it from this site -


Tiiin* said...

thanks for the link! :)

Anonymous said...

cool.. nice post..
am gonna do this also..

now a fan of ur blog.. :)

Myk said...


Pakilala ka para ma-acknowledge kita sa blog ko :)

balik-balik ka! :)