Thursday, May 22, 2008


Actor Piolo Pascual
was spotted yesterday afternoon dining at Sinbad's Foodstation.

Sinbad's specialty is Beef Kebab

Matapos kumain, pumayag magpa-kodak si Piolo kay Agent Grace.
Sinbad's is along San Agustin St, near the corner of Valero and Rufino/Herrera.
Salamat sa mga larawan, Grace!


bulitas said...

is it a new resto?
haven't heard of it till i readit here.
the kabab there sounds yummy.

Myk said...

i am not that sure about that bulitas.

But i think that resto's been there for a while na.

mukha nga eh. try ko minsan. :-P

Gracie said...

i think it's fairly new
there's something called Z's cafe as well, their salmon pasta is okay also :) and not expensive!

Myk said...

Look who's here.

Treat mo ko dun Gracie :-P sama natin si Bulitas :-)